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    Saturday, October 22, 2016

    Wednesday, September 28, 2016

    Men's Body Hair Removal ™

    Since your here reading this Men's Body Hair Removal article, you know you are really serious about this topic, and so are a lot of other Men.I just want to take some time to acknowledge you for that.
    Since setting up my studio on Huntley Street in 1997, I have seen the Men's Spa industry grow and morph. Many fancy Spas have come ,been featured in the local click press; and gone on to million dollar bankruptcy.
    All because they did not have a clear understanding of how Men's Body hair removal needs are different the Women's Body hair removal needs.
    Women just need waxing, men need Body Hair waxing,clipping ,shaving,coloring and Laser. A much more full spectrum Spa/ Salon menu.
    Women like Pampering and Nurturing, men not so much, they just want something fast, easy and painless; that leaves them with and end experience they can feel. And a body waxing grooming session really does provide them with that....I see it all the time.

    Most people never Take the time to educate themselves on this,Men's Body Hair Removal,stuff the way you have.

    You're online, your reading this ,and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now... it won't really won't.

    The myth that it hurts is not so justified, unlike most I apply a thin layer of talc powder so that the wax does not stick to the skin so much, just the Hair making it less rough to take.
    I also wax small sections at a time ,not a big long strip at a lime. It ends up going as fast without the flash of pain.I hear it all the time from my client...less painful waxing ever. with the clip trim at the edges of arms and legs it does give a more even blended natural look.That serves the needs of a clientele of men who are well Educated, well Mannered and well Groomed.

    That's why you are a perfect fit for body hair removal. It's specifically for Men like you who want to Look Great Naked because Men's Full Body Hair Removal and Grooming combo can do that for you.

    Men's Body Hair Removal

    The malebeautyforum is the oldest surviving Mancave Studio in Toronto for the plain and simple reason that...Health & Beauty therapist certifies Claude Edwin Theriault. has combined artistic creativity with Behavioral Dynamic Response Marketing...(meaning providing customer service which is attentive to the clients needs). Plus the capacity to answer faq in a clear and plain manner.

    Where the mainstream is more "push marketing" where an automated email outlook software will send out the appointment reminder, so you may be herded in to the cash creating crop of the Mainstream Waxbar circuit.,... no offense that is simply the way it is these days in the highly efficient micro zipped world of...Business .
    Where as at male Beauty forum I am interested in creating Client/Therapist relations that are as real as they are long lasting; making a world of difference.

    Finally in your decision to choose a Body Hair Removal Technician ,consider me since I have created the full menu of body waxing,clipping,shaving,coloring sand laser so as to match your needs..... I really have

    Watch my search engine ranked Video playlist; shown above and see if my eclectic approach is for you ,as it has proven itself to be for my established list of diverse clients.

    In early 2017 I will be opening a satellite studio in the  Halifax metro area of Nova Scotia .

    At that time I will only be in Toronto 15 days/month; therefore will not be accepting new clients in Toronto after this time, so hurry and get on my client list while you can.

    Manscaping Services Toronto ™

    Manscaping Services Toronto Are very easy to find these days.However the hard part is finding the "Right One" that can provide you with your full body hair removal needs in one place from one person. From Craigslist,Kijiji to Yelp,there are all kinds of fast and furious cheap waxbar wanna bees going after that Men's Body Hair Removal market for the money it represents.Male beauty forum has seen them come and go since 1997. With frequent staff turn over there is little chance or time to build lasting Client Practitioner relationship.
    Building solid long lasting Client /Practitioner relationships is what I do with my clients.Which is why they tend to lock me in for the next 200 years.Since I provide them with a very simple and painless solution to their body grooming.On my part I lock them in for the next 200 years as a client who I enjoy working on.When they feel a need to call instead of an automated outlook express email system telling them they are due for a visit.

    In early 2017 I will be opening a satellite studio in Halifax Nova Scotia .At that time I will only be in Toronto 15 days/month; therefore will not be accepting new clients in Toronto after this time, so hurry and get on my client list while you can.

    Manscaping Services Toronto/Men's Body Hair Grooming

    So just having a Men's Body waxing services menu does not a Manscaping salon make.Men's Body hair needs are very different from women who just need waxing, men on the other hand need Waxing... For example...( The Classic Back Butt & Shoulders), Clipping(Arms,Legs,Torso,Bush),shaving(Genitals) since it is easier to take then really is, and even coloring of torso and pubic bush with a few laser zaps for the ear hairs; last of all.It is a menu you do not find just anywhere since it is for a different world.And even though the Spa industry tries to mix and match it is really like Oil and Water, meaning there is Spa Girl world and Spa Boy world and the mix is very different, in the faq realm.

     Manscaping Body Hair Grooming Toronto

    Thus the need to shop carefully to find the right place that knows your needs.Like myself Claude Edwin Theriault a fully certified Male aestheticien who has been working on male clients since 1990 in Montreal and my downtown location here in Toronto since 1997.
    I am very well established at the same Huntley Street studio space since my arrival and provide a very complete list of Manscaping services week days 11:00-7:00pm &weekends 1:00-5:00pm by appointment
    I offer a unique blend of waxing and Body hair clipping and shaving with exfoliation to prevent pimple break outs. All very professional at factory outlet prices that are very reasonable.

    A creative passion and artistic talents, are what sent me into this industry ,an industry that does not always have the best training in customer service,which is unfortunate since Male Clients are very "easy to deal with",they are not so big on the pampering and nurturing thing mainstream Spas promote, Male Spa clients simply want the hair off and groomed.... and are not very good at doing it themselves, it is not their profession,so they look for someone to outsource it to...
    It really is simple, and a topic I write a lot about.
    Read my other blog post at Male Beauty Forum
    As well as on my Male Health and Wellness Blog
    It will help you get a better picture of how I have taken 25 years of work experience to create a full spectrum Body Hair Grooming experience that respects the intimacy of a client as well as serving him with a clear, easy cost effective solution that is practical and affordable in a clean and private environment.

    Mens Body Hair Grooming ™

    Out of all the Spa Beauty Cocktail Services I serve daily;Mens Body Hair Grooming is by far the most popular one. Be it Men's Body Hair Clipping, Shave, Color, Waxing or Laser. Body Hair removal= $$$ and is now a 5 Billion dollar a year industry, 2 Billion in North America alone. All portraits of the Male Form these days, from Porn to Sports Icon to Hardware Store week-end flyer are of the Hairless Male Model Mode, to a point I call the Cult of the Hairlessness. When guys talk about this; one often hears how it "Bothers" them. And rightly so since it does make a difference on the sensory as well as the visual level. It is also very hygienic, especially in the Pubio-genital area or the "Underside of the chassis" or Men's brazilian waxing as it is called. In early 2017 I will be opening a satellite studio in Halifax Nova Scotia .At that time I will only be in Toronto 15 days/month; therefore will not be accepting new clients in Toronto after this time, so hurry and get on my client list while you can. Manscaping....It's not just for Gays anymore........ This new interest marks a clearly defined shift in the Paradigm Mindset framework of 21st century Man who is now so immersed in Tech and the smooth sleek lines of Tech Design that he seeks to emulate this minimal sleekness in his own Body Image. At times it can be somewhat over the top with a bit of obsession, after all it is only hair. But a good well done Body waxing, clip, shave combo and even coloring of Chest and Pubic bush does keep a man locked into a younger age group,it really does. Body hair is part of the body topography and grooming is not a chore it is and has been from the dawn of time a very natural animal instinct, Black hair is stronger then lighter hair and may be more of an effort to remove, however it gives us a moment to ourselves.We grow hair so we have hair cut away,so as to avoid looking unkept, it is however a skill set to get it right. Hence the need to have it outsourced, to let us do what we do best in a world of non-stop go go.It serves as a time to connect and be present with the intimacy of ourselves and no purpose other than that.

    Mens Body Hair Grooming

    Check out my newly published e-book on Amazon Kdp Confessions of a Men's Health and Beauty Therapist and discover what Men in the know now know. It truly is an insider Secrets walk through all the major points to cover ,so as to have "The Edge Advantage" out there.. Men's Full Body Hair Clip and Shave

    Men's Body Hair Grooming Toronto[/caption] There is currently a surge in mainstream offering Manscaping services, when in truth they only offer waxing. Men's Body Hair removal needs are more then just waxing, it also includes body hair clipping,shaving,coloring and laser. Since my involvement in the Spa industry beginning in 1990. I have formulated a full spectrum menu that serves men's needs with these essential services in a clean quite studio 19 floors above the mainstream. My intent has always been to build long lasting client relations based on Trust and respect ,and have done so. Which is why I continue to thrive in a Toronto Spa industry that sees a lot of new players come and go. Since there's is not that kind of relation building they are just there for the money and phoney service. One can see it all over social media sites, clients talking of pretentious attitude from staff simply not trained or motivated to build lasting Client bonds. So shop wisely when choosing a place and technician to serve your Manscaping needs. Because it's quite the Minimum wage Barbie Barn Rodeo cuicuit out there.

    Mens Body Hair Grooming

    Manscaping Body Hair Grooming Services Toronto/Halifax...[/caption] Excerpts from my eclectic Man Spa Back Hair Clip & Grooming Treatment bodywork in Toronto. Popular Claude Edwin Theriault site... Satellite office coming to Halifax Nova Scotia soon.
    Also even more info when you visit my Authority Men's Body Hair Grooming main site...
    Man Body Waxing

    French Acadian Artist ™

    "French Acadian Artist" width="300" height="149" /> French Acadian Artist[/caption]

    French Acadian Artist...

    in French Acadian Culture

    for the most part tend to use historic events as the principal source of inspiration,Symbolist painter Claude Edwin Theriault does not. He divides his time between rural Nova Scotia and downtown Toronto which serves as a cultural diversity which inspires his artwork on a more esoteric zero point 2012 level. Click to view the pdf doc. on my Artist Gallery press release.

    French Acadian Artist... 

    in French Acadian Culture

    The academic powers that be are not necessarily pleased since his artistic vision, and the use of the winged male nude as the reoccurring icon prop to express his Mythology:is so beyond the mainstream cultural norm of French Acadian Art Culture as well as the Maritime culture of Nova Scotia Art Gallery mindset .Cultures that are somewhat in need of a reboot to a new Matrix mindset that shows our lives and culture in a non Historic 200 or 300 years ago style. However time and the time quake merge we are experiencing makes for the collective consciousness to be more attuned to the artistic expression of Claude Edwin Theriault using Web 2.0 Social media to share his artwork on a global level.

    French Acadian Artist in French Acadian Culture

    His friend and long time artistic companion Miz Etta Leblanc is the same non traditional French Acadian Artist, Channeling various esoteric mindsets into here Artistically expressive Clay Mask. They currently rank on the 1st page of search engine results for Videos since they are so relevant.

     Extensively photographed and ranking on all Social Media platforms like the photo slide show on her Face Book profile. These two are power house artists to watch, come visit use Check out the World Wide Web Press Release on Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Painter Claude Edwin Theriault and discover the View count on this News Buzz.... and stay tuned to the latest on French Acadian Artist in French Acadian Culture. Click Link Below to view my 20 Video Playlist.

    Thursday, August 25, 2016

    Health Spa Treatments Shediac Moncton N.B. ™

    Health Spa Treatments Shediac Moncton N.B.

    area took a turn for the interesting ,with the arrival of Health and wellness therapist Claude Edwin Theriault in May,June,July 2013.

    It was a success with the meeting of great local clients buying great Spa services.

    Due to my interest in my native Nova Scotia, I am interested in The Halifax Metro area,As soon as local Guys express  an interest in my services I will be doing the Toronto Halifax setup, so send me a message in the comment box below to let me know if you would be interested in Personalized Men's Spa services in a Satellite Spa studio in Halifax-2017.

    Health Spa Treatments 

    Shediac Moncton N.B.

    After establishing the quality of Spa work from the Toronto based MaleBeautyForum Studio; established in Toronto since 1997. Offering Lastone Hot Cold Massage, Sea Algae based Facial Skin Care, with Dead Sea Salt scrubs,as well as Body Hair waxing & Clipping for Male Clients.

    I worked from a clean quiet space in the town of Shediac; as opposed to Moncton since I wanted to get away from the City and be in a small town by the Sea offering Top of the line Spa service.

    And Shediac worked, soon it will be a clean quite Space personalized Men's Spa Space in The Halifax Metro area.

    It will be by appointment only the the last 10 days per month. The first 20 days of the month will be spent serving my extensive and eclectic client based out of my 10 Huntley Street location,Spa Treatment Services offered will be Swedish massage wit Hot /Cold stones, Body Hair Waxing & Clipping, Facials and Exfoliating Dead Sea Salt Glow.

    Serious Non Sexual inquiries can reach me at 416:579-8507 when I am in Toronto, the the first 20 days of the month I will however not have a phone in Halifax. Contact will be by email,as to if these personalized services are of interest to you via the leave a reply section at the bottom of this article; or  from the contact me space on my other Male Beauty Forum Site.

    Health Spa Treatments Shediac Moncton N.B.

    View the video of my work to see how the LaStone massage treatment looks like, it is a very dynamic form of Alternative therapy.

    Due to all my studies having been done in Quebec, Ontario and Wisconsin , I am not admissible into the Registered Massage therapy program of the province of Nova Scotia so none of my treatments are covered by work insurance plans.I am a Certified Practitioner of both Swedish and LaStone Massage techniques but not Registered in the province of Nova Scotia.

    However the more then 20 year work experience makes it worth while, as well Claude Edwin Theriault is the only certified Male Asthetician in all of the four Maritime Provinces making him Exclusively Elusive & Elusively Exclusive without any pretentious Attitude.

    Mark your schedule calenders, since the scarcity of time will make it imperative to book in advance to avoid missing out on skin and body treatments "without" the attitude and pretension which is so present in the big name Spa product marketed lines.

    I am looking forward to this coming Halifax Spa experience experience, I just need feedback as to if the Halifax Metro area residents are up for this.

    Talk Soon

    Claude Edwin Theriault